Binge Mode: Sexcastle

I promise you this book is not what the title suggests.

Seriously it’s not, I promise.

Oh Sexcastle, how do I describe thee. It’s an energy, a badass energy, that’s injected with adrenaline, one-liners, and laughs.

Sexcastle is like fighting a talking cobra, with your eyes closed, while on top of a train, which is being held up by helicopter, and a time bomb is ten seconds from exploding.

Also you’re on fire.

Now imagine that times ten. That’s Sexcastle.

Sexcastle is a 2015 comic book, written, and drawn by podcast favorite Kyle Starks. The book follows Shane Sexcaslte, the deadliest ex-assassin that’s ever existed. After his release from prison he’s sworn off violence. He has a new dream, and that’s to work in a flower shop.

See this universe works off action movie logic. So keeping that in mind, a one-eyed badass like Sexcastle wouldn’t be able to avoid his violent tendencies for too long. Sexcastle is forced out of his short retirement. He must once again make use of his skills in the art of killing to protect his new home.

One of my favorite things about this book is the world that Starks has created. In a way it’s similar to John Wick with it’s worldbuilding. Except it replaces the serious, cool assassins with stand ins for Arnold, Stallone, and many more. The nonsensical tone of this world is amazing, and the comedy created from it makes this book something special. 

Sexcastle is one of my favorite books. It’s funny, action-packed, and loaded with references to all those cheesy action movies that we love so much.

Why should I read this? Welcome back random stranger, let me answer your question. It’s a lot of fun, it doesn’t make you think, and you’re going to have to stifle your laughs so you don’t seem like a crazy person while your roommate wonders “what’s wrong with them”. 

Starks has a knack for drawing action. You can see it perfected in his other book Kill Them All. Action comics are hard to pull off, creating motion panel to panel is an art that is hard to master, Starks is as close to perfecting it as I think is possible. Add in Starks hilarious dialogue, and you have the greatest action movie ever created, well action movie comic book. You get it.

I cannot recommend Sexcastle enough. You should definitely pick it up when you get the chance to. I recommend the physical version since it’s funny to have a book called Sexcastle on your shelf.

I mentioned his other comic Kill Them All and if you like this book I highly recommend his others: Assassin Nation, Old Head, and Rock Candy Mountain.

You may catch a binge mode about one of these in the future.

I promise that I’ll be putting more of these out. There’s a lot of great comics out there and I hope this convince you to check out Sex Castle.

I don’t think I’m going to be doing ratings going forward, I never really was as fan of them. It’s a great feel-good book that’ll be sure to make you laugh.

Vibe: Snorting snake venom.

And if you read it shoot us a tweet @nexttimeonpod I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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