New Mutants #1: A Quick Review

New Mutants

Written by: Ed Brisson & Jonathan Hickman

Art by: Rod Reis

It’s the fourth week of the X-line and I think it’s the book I’ve been most excited for, besides the main X-Men book. It’s the second book to feature Hickman as a writer(though I think he’ll be off after the first arc) and boy does it deliver.

I’m really enjoying the different direction they’re taking things with the X-books. I feel like they’re exploring all the different aspects of what make the X-Men books so fun throughout the years. We got Shadowcat on the high seas, X-Men tackling the main problems, Excalibur with their magic shit, X-Force about to get all murdery, and now the New Mutants are in SPACE.


God I hope you forgive me for that.

So who are the New Mutants? They’re a team from the early 1980s created by the great Chris Claremont. They were used as the jumping point for a new generation. I honestly feel like the team was really ahead of its time with the diversity of their characters. Which made the book so much fun, creating these distinctive characters that writers/artist love to use for years to come. Hell Hickman made Sunspot and Cannonball major players in his acclaimed Avengers series.

Although the team went on missions, especially as they aged them up they were primarily just students. They were friends, it definitely contributes to that family ideal that most X books seem to miss. Hell most team books miss. It’s gone away from chemistry and more who can punch things the hardest.

What I like most about Hickman’s relaunch is the reestablishment of a semi status quo. No one is dead, characters are generally happy, and they’re allowed to just go on adventures. For the first time in forever the mutants aren’t depressed!

I like the juxtaposition that these books are setting up. I briefly mentioned that Shadowcat was having suspicion of Krakoa and it’s pseudo paradise setting. We get the hint that the plant life is insidious. It destroys the ecosystem on the Starjammers ship. The same feeling of uncertainty that was heavy in Powers/House of X is following through. I wonder how long before everything went wrong.

I can’t wait to see this first arc finished. I like that the first arc seems to be “lets just go get our friend to hang out”. It just feels so fun and comicbooky. Which is exactly what I want for every comic.

Pick up this issue, you may need to have google nearby to catch up on the characters but for the most part it’s a pretty easy to jump into. I’m excited for the intergalactic ride with some of my favorite mutants.

The art is also fantastic, it’s almost a watercolor type style. It fits so well in the space tone. The facial expressions are great. It just makes me feel good.

Corsair’s kind of a dick.

I guess I should start rating these. I give this issue a 4.5/5. Really strong start, I wish some more things happened but it does what so few team books lack. Just let your characters hangout, it’s fun.

Cory’s panel of the issue:

Magik likes coffee.

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