Why I’m Here: Cory

Oh wow you’re actually reading this, thanks.

So if you don’t listen to the podcast you are probably wondering who I am and why I’m slowly encroaching on Che’s great blog. See I’m like a parasite, wait no bad start. I’m like a very likable symbiote(kinda better), who has convinced Che to not only start a podcast with me, but also make a website where we can talk more with our words and stuff. So in this about me page, I’ve decided to exclusively talk about Che. But really back to the star-host of the show, me. My name is Cory Bishop, I will be writing about pretty much anything. I will probably be focusing more on the comic book and movie side of things, but I’ll definitely be jumping around a bit. I’ve written for a pop culture blog that I don’t think exist anymore, and I work in TV. 

I look forward to writing things for you to read and I hope you enjoy doing so. Thank you again Che for all of your hard work in setting this up. Now a picture of me in a bathtub.


I promise I was sober. It’s just my bed. Stop judging.

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