The Bad Movie Club: The Do-Over

Another meeting of the Bad Movie Club where I watch shit so you don’t have to—unless you want to.

Netflix gets a lot of attention as the premier platform for streaming.  At one point you could even watch movies on there, that’s not really the case anymore, and now that they’re cracking down on VPNs the library grows even more disappointing by the day.  Besides its very limited selection of decent original programming—a grand total of three shows—a very few decent stand-ups, and the excellent British shows they’ve managed to somehow get exclusive rights to in the US, there isn’t much to the Netflix library these days.  One of the great feathers in the Netflix cap had been the back catalog of one Adam R. Sandler; his movies like Big Daddy, Mr. Deeds, Happy Gilmore, and The Waterboy were at one point some of the most watched on Netflix.  Netflix then went on to lose many of the “good” Adam Sandler movies along with most of its film catalog only to completely misread the room and think the solution was to not try and get some of their film rights back but instead to continue to make original programming that no one neither asked for nor wanted and give Sandler a very lucrative three film deal.  The first of those films is The Ridiculous 6 an insult to both westerns, classic Japanese film, Native Americans, Black people, anyone who likes Terry Crews (the only talented person in this insult of a film), anyone who likes movies, anyone who likes two hours of their life, anyone who likes comedy or action or romance, but most of all it’s an insult to humanity.

the do-over 3

But don’t worry Netflix just buried The Ridiculous 6 in their film archives, hoped you’d forget it existed and did the dumb thing and didn’t terminate Sandler’s contract.  Really what they should have done is what Universal did when they finally saw final cut of Battleship and pay Hasbro to never make another movie with them ever again.  But it’s too late for that now because the second of the three “movies” that Sandler will be releasing under Netflix is out—The Do-Over and I will give it this, it’s better than the first one.

What’s Good About It

The truth is the concept is a really good idea.  In general Adam Sandler has really good ideas for movies but his execution is just abysmal.  A movie about your childhood video games coming to destroy the world, one about two people who hate each other being stuck on a vacation together, a man gets a remote that can do anything and it ends up ruining his life, and of course—and idiot is a mall cop.  All really solid ideas for films until you shit Kevin James, Rob Schneider, David Spade, and Nick Swardson all over them.  But ther truth is besides the concept of the film—man who hates his life reconnects with an old friend who drags him on the journey of his life, only to discover that maybe that old friend isn’t as fun as he might have though—there isn’t much else to this hollow shell of a movie.  I’d like to say that it manages to get something out of its weirdly talented supporting cast but the truth is that not only are Kathryn Hahn, Luis Guzmán, and Michael Chiklis wasted on this movie they are made sick jokes of themselves in the process.  There was at least one or two times I actually laughed at the movie but for the life of me after it was over I couldn’t remember what those moments were either because of how truly forgettable even the brief moments of humor are or because they are so embroiled in actual garbage it’s hard to remember them.

What’s Bad About It

I could really just write everything here and move on to the “What Level of Bad are we Talking About” section but I haven’t really written nearly as much as I should have over the year so let me actually put some words on pages and earn those three page views.

the do-over 2

Adam Sandler has never been one for highbrow humor even when he was “good” but in The Do-Over Sandler really does try and out do himself.  Along with a gratuitous close up of a sweaty ball sack there is a torture scene which is just a long anal rape joke.  You will laugh during neither but if you cried I wouldn’t blame you.  The movie runs an absurd hour and 50 minutes which would be excessive for even a good comedy but the fact that watching The Do-Over feels like being trapped at your shitty friends awful open mic night doesn’t really make the minutes fly by.  There were at least three times that the movie felt like it was over and I would check the time and there would somehow still be 40 minutes left.

I really can’t fault Sandler for what was basically an excuse to get Netflix to pay for a beach vacation for him and his friends.  I just wish that his friends were talented instead of David Spade and Nick Swardson but it’s become very evident as the years go by that Adam Sandler has given up on any artistic vision—the days of Punch-Drunk-Love Adam Sandler are long gone I would even take Reign Over Me Sandler, a pretty bad movie but at least he tried.  Adam Sandler’s last five non-animated movies have a total Rotten Tomatoes rating of 48% (for those of you doing the math that is 9.6% on average per movie).  Of those five movies two of them were released under Netflix so there is no box office numbers but I can assure you Adam Sandler made a pretty penny.  One of them was the Cobbler a very weird decision on everyone’s part involved and managed to lose a whopping 9.15 million dollars at the box office.  Even when you take into account all of that those five movies made a total of 373.7 million dollars.  Not to mention the money he’s made from the two Grown Ups movies, producing both Paul Barts, and whatever the fuck Just Go With It and Jack and Jill were.  In Sandlers’ case it obviously pays to suck.

What Level Of Bad Are We Talking

So Bad You’ll Hate Yourself

Even though you won’t have to shell out the $10+ dollars you would have in the past to see this piece of shit it will still have the impressive ability to make you regret all your life decisions.

Should You Watch It

Fuck. No.

If you are truly starved for a comedy to watch on Netflix just type any other name into the search bar besides Adam Sandler, close your eyes, click.


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