COUR- Stuck in Paradise

Two 83 hour flights later I was in Hawaii with my family.  For those of you that caught my post before it was censored by the communist dictatorship I was not too thrilled with that.  One of the many days I was in Hawaii—or as the ridiculous Polynesian language would insist you pronounce it, Hughvviee—we went to a botanical garden that scaled a mountain.  It was probably just a really long hill but the 200 ⁰C certainly made it seem like Everest.  I was walking around looking at the beautiful scenery, when I stumbled across a secluded alcove with a pretty nice backdrop.  Unfortunately, as you can see from the video the lighting was shit, but it was a rush job so I got what I wanted.  When I found it, I rushed down the seemingly behemoth of a hill to get the smallest board in the world out of my trunk so I could shoot a rush job of a video.  It’s been a while since I posted a video because I broke my camera and haven’t gotten around to replacing it.  However now, as those of you that know me, I just got the best cell phone ever (no it’s not a fucking iPhone!), so I thought it would hold me over until I got the courage to buy a DSLR because it shoots pretty nice 4k video.  Unfortunately they don’t make tripods for cell phones so the videos are bound to be shaky up until that point.  Even though my cousin, the camera man for the dancing portion, did an astounding job shooting.


So, armed with a tiny board—no but really—TINY, a pair of far too good headphones, legs exhausted from leg day and traveling the distance of Mount Fuji a total of three times I made my first video in a long time.  Despite not being able to hear myself dance until about 2:15 and being unaccustomed to dancing in weather that seems to be as hot, wet, and heavy as I imagine the ecosystem between Kevin James’ legs to be I think the video came out pretty well for its candid nature.

Enjoy.  And if you do maybe hit it with a like, share, subscribe, all that good stuff.


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