Spoil-Free Review: X-Men: Days of Future Past

So here is where I find myself, having just seen X-Men: Days of Future Past—twice—and I am asking myself an eerily familiar set of questions.  Where does this rank in the Marvel movie canon?  Where does this rank among X-Men movies?  Was this a good movie or is the nerd in me (it does make up about 97% of my body mass after all) just really excited about this comic book god-mode?  Is there any more perfect casting in the history of film than Patrick Stewart across Sir Ian McKellen as ex best friends now rivals?

To answer my own rhetorical questions in order:

  • High pretty damn high, easily top five.  Yeah I said it ya bish.
  • Days of Future Past edges out First Class, which dominates The Wolverine, which was better than all the other X-Men movies, and then all the way down past the bottom is X-Men Origins: Wolverine.
  • This was a great movie.
  • No.

I was sold on this movie from the first “fuck.”  I’ve become rather tired of Marvel’s insistence on selling their movies as family friendly.  Leave that to DC superheroes who refuse to kill their enemies.  Once I heard a few f-bombs dropped I forgot the PG-13 rating, temporarily.

I mean honestly what is there to say about X-Men: Days of Future Past?  It satisfies what you want from a superhero movie: it’s got awesome action, the two modern day scenes or amazing; character development, Magneto and Charles Xavier’s relationship keeps developing into what we know of it from the first trilogy; and of course Days of Future Past has all your favorite familiar faces.

I mean… they put my dude Bishop in a movie!
Random factoid Omar Sy of Intouchables fame is the actor who plays Bishop


Other great appearances from some X-Men that I hold near and dear are from Blink, Colossus, Sunspot, and Warpath who is just significantly less awesome in this movie than he is in “actuality”.

One of the more awesome but a little bit confusing additions to the X-Men sequel is that of Quicksilver.  Quicksilver has one of the most awesome origin stories and he and his twin sister Scarlet Witch are some of the most awesome superheroes in the Marvel universe.  I mean the Scarlet Witch has the ability to manipulate probability.

It’s kind of a weird choice because one, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are the newest members of the Avengers in Age of Ultron.  While I know X-Men is staunchly out of universe they cast a different guy to play a different Quicksilver a few months before Aaron Taylor-Johnson is set to make his Marvel debut as the speedy Mr. Maxinoff.  Also they randomly show Quicksilver with his sister for no reason:

They are very clearly not twins, even though she has her red hair.  Also yes that is Evan Peters Taylor-Johnson’s Kick-Ass co-star.  Like I said—confusing directorial choices on this one.

The short and sweet of it is, see the movie.  Few movies have come out of Marvel Studios that have been this good.  And even if you don’t like the movie because you’re an odd robot with a broken emotion simulator the action fights with the sentinels are on point.

And if even that doesn’t get you to the theater:

Jennifer Lawrence looking bad as fuck:

jennifer-lawrence-hot-1770394136 aa62a69547b50d95_187688285.preview_tall

And for the lady boners out there look and those eyes:

michael-fassbender-hot Michael 11


Casting: 9/10

Acting (Main Cast): 8/10

Acting (Supporting Cast): 8/10

Directing: 7/10

Writing: 8/10

Plot: 10/10

Cinematography: 9/10

Special Effects: 10/10

Genre Specific:

Action Sequences: 10/10

Humor: 6/10

Fan Service: 9/10

Overall Rating: 8.5/10 (amazing)

Pop Culture Che Suggests: 5/5 (See it in theaters a few times)


  1. It was okay, nice loud sound mix, and Peter/Quicksilver’s were the best scenes to me, but all in all I thought there were just too many characters, which meant many great actors would end up cameos or wasted, and the plot was needlessly slow and confusing for what they wished to achieve. I’m quite the meganerd myself, and I love complexity if it has a clean payoff, as in Inception.

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