Top 20 Tracks of the Year

This one is simple.  Twenty best tracks of the year that we were all bumping.  The idea is that anyone more than a casual hip-hop listener should’ve heard these tracks.  You looking for some shit you might’ve missed check out the top 20 tracks no one heard.

Save Yo Time Section

Here is where I do the public service of saving you and your danty fingers the time and energy it would take to scroll through my list.  “Rap God” isn’t on the list, I swear, I wouldn’t lie to you.  Don’t bother scrolling down there it’s really really really not there.

20. Big Sean- Control

Yes, it’s up here at #20.  Yes, I’m crazy, no this doesn’t have to do with that.  The Kendrick verse was long and named a punch of names but was pretty standard as far as Kendrick goes.  While you were all geekin over two lines in a 4 minute verse I was buggin over Jay Electronica’s verse the man is so damn understated, the epitome of “you gotta watch the quiet ones”.

19. Childish Gambino- Sweatpants

Gambino’s last single from the absurdely anticipated Because the Internet did not dampen the excitement for the rapper’s second studio album.  Would I have liked to see Problem drop more than some adlibs? Ehh maybe, I’ve learned not to fuck with perfection though.

18. Curren$y- Bitch Get Up

New Jet City pretty much proved that if you want your album to make the end of year lists you must wait until at least September.  Snubbed by almost everyone who wasn’t a Curren$y fan this track was along with the mixtape was some of the southern MC’s best.

17. Chance the Rapper- Cocoa Butter Kisses

Your mother’s favorite track of year was also mine for a solid month or two.  It’s just so damn funky and Vic Mensa’s verse is something despicable.

16. Vic Mensa- YNSP

Speaking of Vic Mensa.  Sure INNANETAPE was not Acid Rap but this jazzy track was Save Money’s best track of the year.

15. Mac Miller- Red Dot Music

I was sold on “Red Dot Music” two bars in definitely The Alchemist’s best beat of the year.  Action Bronson was too perfect for this making me want an Action x Alchemist LP.

14. Dizzy Wright- Untouchable

Funk Volume’s Dizzy Wright teams up with Rap Pack’s Logic and Pro Era’s Kirk Knight.  Must I say anymore?

13. CJ Fly- Still the Motto

It seems you can never go wrong with Cookin’ Soul.  CJ Fly has taken over as the lieutenant in Pro Era and this was his first official single and it certainly did not disappoint.  If there is one thing Fly understands it is where his comfort zone is, makes it sound like trumpets were invented for him.

12. Danny Brown- Red 2 Go

High Octane.  Found on side A of Old this track is racing the whole time and never gives you a chance to relax, right where Danny Brown wants you.

11. Joey Bada$$- 95 Til’ Infinity

May not have been Joey’s most prolific track of the year but I don’t think anyone saw this flow coming.  If anyone wasn’t sure this nigga is the second coming of your favorite boom bap rapper they are now.  Spit hard over soft beats, that should be the motto.

10. Kanye West- Blood on the Leaves

If you find any end of the year, best song, best single, best instrumental, etc. list without this TNGHT produced masterpiece, close the tab immediately because they just weren’t listening to music in 2013.

9. The Underachievers- My Prism

When I put Indigoism on this was the first track shuffle found.  I then proceeded to bump the album on repeat for like a week, you’re unlikely to find two people more in touch with the world not working in the tech support office of the Matrix, so enjoy.

8. Run the Jewels- A Christmas Fucking Miracle

This album dropped in May just by the way.  El-P and Killer Mike don’t give no fucks and if you don’t love that about them let the simplicity and genius of the instrumental wash over you while you follow the lyrics on rap genius.

7. Earl Sweatshirt- Hive

Admittedly this track might have gotten people too excited for Doris because while Doris was really great “Hive” is on an entirely different level.  Three listens still scratching your head going, “um… no… did? Did that really?” type level.  If Tyler had made an appearance I probably would’ve needed new shorts.

6. Casey Veggies- She in My Car

Who loves funky ass driving music with a bass that knocks harder than Jehovah’s witnesses on their fourth cup of coffee?  I do.  Add Dom Kennedy and they funniest line of the year, I’m sold.

5. Childish Gambino- 3005

(Every music video for the rest of time should be this)

Take my money Mr. Gambino take it and make all the music you want.  The most quietly creative love song of the year and well did you hear that flow? It was smooth as all the fuck.  Fuck these other niggas.

4. Kanye West- New Slaves

Well Mr. West you’ve outdone yourself on this one.  Was the second verse the best rap verse of all-time? I don’t know but a lot of people think that.  The track inspired multiple essays and a goddamn Kanye textbook.  There’s musicians then there’s rappers then there’s gods.  Plus I love noise, noise it up, noise everywhere!

3. Flatbush Zombies-Club Soda

It was really hard to pick my favorite track off this mixtape.  Flatbush Zombies are just far too good but Erick Arc Elliott out did himself on this one the synthed high pitched laser sounds that you barely even notice are too perfect.  Plus once again Action Bronson finds himself on a beat that is just really perfect for him.

2. Pusha T- Numbers on the Boards

Now most sane people would have put this at number one.  But I’m crazy, so suck it up.

1. Statik Selektah- The Spark

I didn’t think anyone would surpass this when I heard it in May.  And I was right, Joey Bada$$ and Action Bronson throw down some dirty verses over one of the smoothest sax tracks I’ve ever heard.  But the real triumph here is Mike Posner; the best hook of the year hands down, period, no discussion.  And if you wre counting that’s track three for Action on this list, and you all still claim Eminem is the best white rapper.

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