Music Videos of the Year

There’s an art to the music video.  Picking just the right visuals to accompany just the right single.  Some go the way of tits and asses.  Some just put a rapper in a white room with lights behind them and cut between like three or four different outfits then some people put some genuine thought and production into it and for that I reward them.

Honorable Mention: Feelin’ Myself

The song sucks yeah but look at all them lines flashing, oooo pretty.

10. Pharrell Williams- Happy

Here’s the actual video

I hate “family-friendly”, I think if you’re going to make art, make some fucking art.  If there is a sure fire way to make sure I miss out on something you do it is to make it kid friendly.  That being said the concept was awesome and I give him props on making a song that was fun and admittedly, family friendly if not extremely simple.

9. D-Why- One Day

Take some of the most beautiful places in the country, shoot a video there, success.

8. Tyler, the Creator – Tamale

This will not be the last time you see the eccentric hip-hop collective on this list I promise you that.  Tamale was just… really really funny, then really really serious right after.

7. Death Grips- Lock Your Door

The ultra-violent hip-hop collective straps some cameras to their heads and makes a really impressive video at a show of there’s

6. Pusha T- Numbers on the Board (BloodSport Remix)

Can you ever go wrong with a Ruff Mercy BloodSport collaboration?  No sir you cannot.

5. Tyler, the Creator- Domo 23

You gotta love Tyler, the Creator, you gotta.

4. Chance the Rapper- Everybody’s Somebody

If a dozen people don’t bite this silhouette technique next year I’ll be very surprised.  It made for one of the simplest triumphs of the year.

3. Just Blaze X Baauer- Higher

In one of the more surprising videos of the year.  Just Blaze and Baauer’s single gets the martial arts epic treatment by Nabil.

2. Earl Sweatshirt- Hive

Dark.  That would be the way I would describe Earl’s triumphant return.

1. Blu x RA the Rugged x Tristate- Thelonius King

Ruff Mercy does it again.  I can’t really describe why his frame by frame art makes the videos so great but it just does.  Plus the track is fire.

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