Childish Gambino: Centipede

The return of Gambino.  After a long hiatus Childish Gambino drops what is fast becoming my favorite track of July.  Yes Gambino has made some feature appearances since Royalty:

and of course the customary dubstep track for all the white boys and drunk white girls out there:

But this is just Gambino no bullshit, no garbage verses by Mush-Mouth’s long lost inbred step son (I have no problem with Young Dro but don’t do that to yourself why put Gambino on a track with yourself you know you can’t rap), and no tired beats filled with wump-wumps to dilute CG’s flow.  Yes the title is a little disconcerting for a man that once said “Or you can fuckin’ kiss my ass: Human Centipede” but you’ll get over it (or you might not and you’ll just suck it up that’s always an option).  Yes this comes at the tail end of some pretty terrible news, that Donald will be cutting back his time on Community, a personal favorite of mine, while this is almost as as the news that Dan Harmon is returning is happy it is for good reason.  Gambino is taking time to focus on his rap career and that is good news for all the Childish heads out there.  Centipede is the first single off his upcoming release and if this is any indicator of what is going to be like we shan’t be disappointed.  Centipede kicks off with an acapella recording of Gambino and only goes up hill from there.  The track is a story of rags-to-riches, if hearing that made you throw up in your mouth a bit… good.  But this is not Started From the Bottom don’t you worry.  Gambino takes the cliche rags-to-riches story and turns it on its head.  Give it a few listens especially the first verse and the outro.

Listen and download for frizzle belwen:

Mr. Gambino (Mr Mr Gambino) has annoyingly disabled wordpress embed so heres some BS youtube link for you lazy people:

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