Pure Dopness Review: New Jet City

Not much good happened to me this Sunday: Ray Lewis the murdering cheating bastard won another ring foiling Colin Kaepernick and the 49ers post season run, my company mates Ryan and Rashaad lost in the final rounds of Juste Debout Holland, my cell phone charger broke, but worst…. and I do mean worst of all I had to watch that absolutely horrendous halftime show all the way through because there was no where to escape to.  But on Sunday Spitta Andretti the god of smoker’s music dropped his much anticipated New Jet City.  Curren$y really doesn’t ever disappoint but then occasionally he will drop a Weekend at Burnie’s, a Pilot Talk, a Covert Coup, and now a New Jet City.

New Jet City was a slight surprise since originally Spitta fans expected a follow up collaboration between Curren$y and Wiz Khalifa.  But I can’t say I am disappointed.  What does one say about Curren$y album though it’s hard to review something that is both so simplistic and so elegantly produced at the same time.  With New Jet City you will get boom bappy 80s reminiscent smooth beats.  This mixtape is a second in a series of black film inspired releases from Curren$y, the first one being Priest Andretti, and the theme is definitely reflected in the insturmental many of the samples feeling straight from a blacksploitation classic especially the sample on Three 60 featuring the ever present Juicy J.  An odd feature on this EP is the hooks and samples a lot of which are taken from very popular tracks a feature not seen often in Curren$y’s music usually known for his obscure references in both lyrics and instrumentals.  For example, Bitch Get Up featuring Juvenile (no I didn’t know he was back either) in which the hook is taken from Errday off of Wiz Khalifa’s Cabin Fever, also in Three 60 Curren$y samples one of his more memorable lines (albeit a line pre-cover but still very popular among hip-hop fans) “my bathtub lift up my walls do a 360”.

Curren$y disappoints on this release much in the same way many of his other recent works have.  No Curren$y isn’t a lyrical genius but I really couldn’t give a shit about that there are plenty of artists out there with vereses that make you pick up a dictionary or a newspaper or god forbid a book, Curren$y is not one of them but he out shines many of the greats with production, flow, and unique style.  But Spitta has disappointed on this mixtape with the extensive features: Juicy J, French Montana, Juvenile, Trinidad James… but why?  Curren$y is the head of Jet Life which sports one of the best rosters of all the crews out there so it’s disappointing to only see Young Roddy and Trademark Da Skydiver on this release, as dope as they may be, there just needs to be some more familiar faces on here.  I think Curren$y and Jet Life should take a book out of Odd Future’s  book and just have in house productions.  It was especially disappointing to hear the Childish Gambino sample with no CG on this EP or even any smoker’s club member Joey Bada$$ would have been quite the addition to this mixtape.


0-10: absolute garbage, 11-20 terrible, 21- 30 bad, 31- 40 passable, 41-50 okay, 51-60 good, 61-70 great, 71-80 amazing, 81-90 classic, 91-99 legendary, 100 ILLMATIC!

Favorite Track(s): Choosin ft. Wiz Khalifa & Rick Ross, Three 60 ft. Juicy J, Living For The City, Mary

Least Favorite Track: Moe Chettah

Best Instrumental: Bitch Get Up ft. Juvenile, New Program ft. Young Roddy

X-Factor: Smoker’s Club music for sure, smooth beats and a great listen all the way through each track feels right in place.

Rating: 67/100

Must Listen Rating: 7/10

Support good music because shit music is winning the war.

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