Lil B vs. Joey Bada$$

So two things happened yesterday.  First this:

And then very soon after that this happened:

When I heard both these songs I had four very different reactions all in a row:

1st Bemusement:

I was very confused why Joey Bada$$ would even acknowledge Lil B’s track.  I mean they are in such different leagues that it seems silly to me to even respond there is a reason NBA teams don’t play D-League teams, because if they were worth their time they’d be in the NBA it’s really that simple.

2nd Anger

And then after four or five minutes I realized that less than anything said in either record I was offended that Lil B had even made a diss track referencing Joey Bada$$ and Pro Era.  Because by making a track about Pro Era he was saying that he doesn’t consider himself a joke which is really the only reason I thought we allowed Lil B to exist because he’s a trolling little shit.  But apparently he thinks he’s worth my time.  He should know he isn’t.

3rd Realization

Then I remembered that Lil B and his Demi-BasedGod Task Force are the trolls to end all trolls.  And they are very good at what they do.

4th Disappointment

After all that though really all I feel is disappointed in everyone involved.  I was even disappointed in Joey for a little bit but then I realized what Lil B and his fan base did.

I get Lil B and I understand why his rabid fan base is so rabid.  But I think this was a very disappointing move from someone who prides himself on really being above it all.  Brandon McCartney is even a pretty likeable and genuine guy, much like the New England Patriots, Boston Celtics, and Miami Heat it is not Lil B that is so loathsome but it is the more focal members of his fan base.  But like eery strong fan base there are those people that really miss the point of the message and all those people saying that they wish Joey Bada$$ would kill himself like Capital STEEZ who claim they are Based are hardly that at all and have in fact missed the point of Lil B entirely.  Despite some of the things Brandon might say there is no doubt in my mind that this guy would never wish death upon someone else especially someone who has never done anything but good for the world:

That being said Lil B did start a beef over a supposed slight in a line from one song eight months ago, a line spit by Capital STEEZ who died last months.  Trolls tend to be very good at getting someone unnecessarily angry: if someone comes up to me and tells me a rapper sucks who I like and I hit them I’m the asshole, but if you come to me and say that that same rapper should kill himself like his best friend did if I don’t break his nose I’m the asshole.  So for Lil B to go after Captial STEEZ’s line now is not only insensitive but uncharacteristic of the BasedGod.  But I can’t get upset with him for that because people make mistakes especially someone who spends their whole life trying to make mistakes, it’s hard to decide which mistakes to make.  The actions of Lil B and the Task Force have been as terrible as they usually they just happen to have chosen a terrible target for their…. shenanigans (for lack of a better phrase, at least one which doesn’t have the words fuckery and dumbass in it).

The choice to go after Joey Bada$$ will have one positive effect for the Task Force (and a very negative one for everyone else), placing himself in Pro Era’s class will bolster the legend that Lil B is actually a good rapper who chooses to rap poorly.  I in fact have fallen victim to this myth myself but there is really little to no evidence to support this claim by Task Force members.  I think Brandon is very aware of what he is doing I think his constent production of terrible hip-hop is certainly intentional.  I also don’t think that there is anyone that actually thinks Lil B’s music is any good (I am not one to insult someone’s opinion but if you are of the opinion that Lil B’s music is good… your opinion is wrong).  But that being said I do not think Lil B even has the ability to produce good music; one could reference Like a Martian, Wonton Soup, Suck My Dick Hoe, or California Boy but that doesn’t make the point I’m trying to make yes clearly Lil B is hilarious and very good at making truly god awful music.  My point is that he is responsible for this truly awful attempt at good hip-hop:

Being intelligent does not make you a good rapper.  And I do think Lil B is smart evidenced by his ability to stir up such a strong fan base.

In conclusion THIS fucking genius:

had the nerve to diss THESE gods:

Welcome to the Beast Coast Bitch

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