Pure Dopeness: Long.Live.A$AP Album Review

Long.Live.A$AP dropped two days ago on the 15th and I will admit I’m a little late on the update I wasn’t really on the look out for this album so January 15th came and went and I forgot to download it.  Long.Live.A$AP is the debut album from New York MC A$AP Rocky who is most famous for being the “pretty” leader of NYC clique A$AP Mob.  If you haven’t heard of A$AP Rocky, my first question is how; because everyone and their gran-pappie was bumpin’ Live.Love.A$AP and my second question is why is your life so god damn sad.


Long.Live.A$AP isn’t really an album about anything, but I wasn’t expecting a really thought provoking album from Pretty Flacko, and some people might be distressed by his minimal subject matter (as he so aptly says himself PMW or Pussy, Money, Weed) but I like Jay-Z and he really only raps about two things (how much greater it is to be Jay-Z than you and how he’s been “doin’ it ” for soooo long).  If you’re only complaint about this album is that it’s not about anything suck it the fuck up, no one is telling you to just listen to A$AP Rocky.  If you have other complaints than I understand.  The album starts out pretty weak, in fact the title (and opening track) is my least favorite on the album Long.Live.A$AP totes both a annoying hallow instrumental and an awful hook so when I started the album I was very disheartened but it really only goes way the hell up from there.

The second track is the summer hit Goldie a relatively simplistic album but A$AP uses his famous deep voice effect and his flow just works perfectly with that beat.  And in short that is really what Long.Live.A$AP has going for it not a huge amount of thought provoking lyrics but clever imagery, nasty beats, and one of the best flows in the game right now.

The best part of this album are the ethereal bass pounding beats combined with Rocky’s weed addled flow.  This is never clearer than on Jodye (which some of you might know at Pretty Flacko (Remix) feat. Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka Flame & Pharrell since Itunes fucked up… now it should’ve only taken you 5 seconds to realize this wasn’t a remix to Pretty Flocka at all… but if the completely un-Spaceghostpurp beat didn’t tip you off the lack of Waka, Gucci, and the incomporable Pharell should’ve) you could mistake A$AP for Danny Brown on this track he rides the beat like no one else and every line is delivered with some…. fury is probably the word I’m looking for.  This combination is seen throughout the album: Lvl, Pain, Suddenly, Ticket, just to name a few.

Yes Long.Live has it’s potholes for example, some questionable feature choices as well as some pretty weak hooks on even the pretty good songs the most disappointing of which can be attributed to Santigold’s bleh appearance on Hell, which is a shame because Rocky actually produces some of his best verses on this track.  But Santigold’s lackluster appearance was not the worst feature you would think any album where you see the words “feat. Gunplay” it’d be pretty damn obvious who’s performance would leave you the most wanting.  You’d be wrong in fact because for some reason 1 Train exists.  An amazing track by any standards, A$AP on a sick Hit-Boy beat that he is clearly very comfortable with featuring four of the nastiest rappers alive (period don’t argue there’s no point you’ll lose) Kendrick Lamar, Joey Badass, Danny Brown, and Big K.R.I.T. and in the middle is for some fucking reason Yelawolf.  There was a time when Yelawolf was relevant, and admittedly not terrible and that time was before Game of Thrones, Lebron and his hairline got a ring, Osama Bin Laden got capped, and in fact before anyone knew who A$AP Rocky was.  So the question is why the fuck is he in the middle of this song ruining my hype? Although this is a pretty noticeable pattern on the album weirdly out of place features in the middle of otherwise decent tracks (see Drake sandwiched between A$AP Rocky and Kendrick, or Gunplay “spitting” post-Rocky pre-Ferg).

So in summary A$AP Rocky’s performance on this release is pretty strong both as a rapper and a producer its not the perfect album but after the year we had in 2012 maybe we’ve all been spoiled I was generally impressed by Lord Flacko on this LP.


0-10: absolute garbage, 11-20 terrible, 21- 30 bad, 31- 40 passable, 41-50 okay, 51-60 good, 61-70 great, 71-80 amazing, 81-90 classic, 91-99 legendary, 100 ILLMATIC!

Favorite Track(s): PMW ft. Schoolboy Q, Jodye, Lvl, Suddenly

Least Favorite Track: Long.Live.A$AP

Best Instrumental: Ghetto Symphony ft. Gunplay, A$AP Ferg

X-Factor: Some rappers pick beats they like, some pick beats you’re going to like, and some pick beats they can slaughter… enjoy the massacre

Rating: 72/100

Must Listen Rating: 7/10

Support good music because shit music is winning the war.  I torrent everything first and if its worth the 12 bucks I shell out.  I bought this you should too, its worth it trust me.

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