The Crews and Cities of 2012

Best Crew/Group of 2012

Genius needs company.

1.  G.O.O.D. Music

Kanye and his band of misfits prove that commercial popularity doesn’t necessarily mean lack of talent.

Key members: Kanye West, Big Sean, Mos Def, John Legend, Pusha T, Kid Cudi, Common

2.  Black Hippy

West Coast Collective dropped some of the dopest albums this year.

Key members: Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q, Ab-Soul, Jay Rock

3.  Progressive Era

NYC’s deadly secret and they’re coming for hip-hop one fire track at a time.

Key members: Joey Bada$$, CJ Fly, Chuck Strangers, Kirk Knight, Capital STEEZ (R.I.P.)

4.  Jet Life


It’s amazing to see what happened to Curren$y when he formed Jet Life, it looks like having free range of your creativetly allows you to realize how dope you can be.  And Curren$y has the rare gift to recognize that ability in others.

Key members: Curren$y, Trademark Da Skydiver, Young Roddy, Sir Micheal Rocks, Smoke DZA



Crazy, vulgar, ignorant, misogynistic, drug addled, and above all talented musical geniuses.  Like watching a bunch of best friends from middle school have a lot of fun.

Key members: Tyler, the Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, Frank Ocean, Hodgy Beats, Domo Genesis

Honorable Mention: The Buff Nerds

Not yet a cohesive group, in fact they are the only group on the list without an official mixtape in fact they only appeared on one song together but as individual rappers they are not to be fucked with, and isn’t that what’s really important?

Key members: K.i.D., Mr. Man, SK4MC, Futuristic, D-Why

Worst Crew/Group of 2012

Some crews are amazing some crews are these fucktards.

1.    White Girl Mob

Worst trend in years white girls saying nigga and rapping worse than anyone without a severe mental disability has rapped in all of fucking time.

Best Member: Lil Debbie (I mean I guess if I had to pick one)

Most responsible for the suck: The entire White Girl Mob

2.    Young Money

If you listen to the radio and hate Drake, Lil Wayne, Nicki, and their cohorts as much as I do it was a bad year for you and I’m sorry; I feel your pain.

Best member: Drake (oh it’s a sad day in hell when Drakes name has to appear next to the word best [unless it was on the list of best Degrassi death scenes])

Most responsible for the suck: Lil Wayne (maybe his criteria is to ONLY draft people who make him look human sized)

3.    GBE

Mumbling nearly indecipherable shit over beats so dope they make you furious such useless people ever got a hold of them.

Best Member: Young Chop

Most responsible for the suck: Chicago public schools (I just wish that one of them could speak English)

4.    Taylor Gang

What are they doing?  3 years ago the best new thing in rap is now the one of the worst, although it could be better if Wiz cut the fat.

Best member: Wiz Khalifa

Most responsible for the suck: Wiz Khalifa

5.    MMG (anyone not Wale or Meek Mill)

Rick Ross smothers creativity like no one else and also has no ability to recognize talent in others (Pill, Gunplay, Stalley?).  But that being said that doesn’t apply to the two young gunners on Maybach Music Group: Wale and Meek Mill.

Best member: Wale

Most responsible for the suck: Rick Ross and Omarion’s awesome dance moves

City of the Year

Hometown swag, these five cities had it, did yours?

1.       New York

Pro Era


Big Baby Ghandi

Action Bronson

Angel Haze

Mr. Muthaf*ckin eXquire

Smoke DZA

Flatbush Zombies

A$AP Rocky (sorta he really doesn’t sound like an east coast rapper)

2.       Washington


Billy Woods

Tabi Bonney

Uptown XO


Phil Adé

3.       Los Angeles

Kendrick Lamar


Mr. Man

Schoolboy Q

Slim the Mobster

Odd Future

Casey Veggies

4.       Chicago

Lupe Fiasco

Chance the Rapper

Chief Keef

Young Chop

King Louie

Rockie Fresh

5.       Atlanta (or really just the south)


Big K.R.I.T.

Marcus Manchild

Roscoe Dash

Travis Porter

Trademark Da Skydiver

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