Who was the luckiest SOB of 2012?

I think the title speaks for itself.  Some rappers are just lucky, for many different reasons.  These are the ten rappers on whom fate smiled the most in the last year.

1.  2 Chainz

2 Chainz is lucky we tolerate his buffoonery and is even luckier we forgot about Titty Boy.  He’s also lucky that Kanye “Career-Maker” West decided to shine his light on him.

2.  Lil Reese

Not only did Lil Reese ride the coattails of the least talented rapper out to minimal fame, it turns out that beating the living shit out of a woman really doesn’t hurt your career at all, who knew?

3.  Earl Sweatshirt

I like Earl, let’s not get that wrong. But Earl has been MIA for a decade in internet years.  Good thing for Earl though he has a fan base so loyal that they managed to keep his hype nearly exactly where it was when he was shipped off to the island.  Earl also owes his continued relevancy to Tyler the Creator, Frank Ocean, and all the other hard working members of Odd Future.

4.  Game

Do I even have to explain why Game managing to round up such hype around Jesus Piece was such a miracle?  If I do then you haven’t been listening to hip hop for any amount of time.

5.  Travi$ Scott

Did you know who Travi$ Scott was before his surprise appearance on G.O.O.D. Music’s Cruel Summer? If you did, kudos.  I did not and have still not decided whether Kanye was smart to sign him but there is no argument that appearing on one of the biggest albums of the year and then on one of the dopest singles of the summer (Pusha-T’s Blocka) is great for your career.

6.  Trinidad James

THIS guy is famous now.  Really?  Maybe it is because of his outstanding interviewing ability.  Other than that I can’t see why this guy has become a talking point on our blogs and a listening point on our radios.

7.  Future

It seems to me that one 2 Chainz would be enough.  I would be wrong though and therefore we welcome Future bringer of such excellence as Same Damn Time.  Future is mostly just lucky that I haven’t found a way to destroy shit music yet but I’m in the lab everyday guys don’t worry.

8.  Buddy

Buddy is a lot like Travi$ Scott a young kid signed by a big name and in both cases their signing pretty much jump started their career.  Buddy has some talent but clearly Pharrell sees more than me because I wouldn’t have signed him for a few more years.  I would have waited especially in a hip hop climate like this where younger and younger rappers are becoming more and more talented.  I like Buddy he’s got charm which is why I’m worried that he’s going to get lost in the Joeys and the Dyme-A-Duzins and even the Earls.  He is however very lucky that, unlike all the other young guns, he has the incomparable Pharrell on his team.

9.  Tyga

1) Tyga was lucky we forgot about Coconut Juice.  2) Tyga is even luckier that Rack City managed to be stay on the radio for the three seconds it was out before the remix dropped (only god knows how).  3) He’s lucky most people didn’t find out he made a porno 4) and most importantly of all is that he is lucky that even considering his startling decrease in talent recently he is in a lineup so terrible he manages to still be the third and if Lil Wayne is having an off day which happens he can even be second.

10.  Omarion

Well he’s back… good for him.  I can honestly say I never thought I’d see the return of Omarion.

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