About This Blog

In short this will be about everything important and current to me in music (hip-hop), movies, TV, video games, and dance (tap, hip-hop, popping, house, and bboying).  And like any good friend of the internet I will try and throw in some of my favorite sexiness when it seems appropriate.  I will post things either as I see/hear them, remember they exist, or re-fall in love.  This will not always mean you get the most up to date news but you will always hear my original point of view (or in other words MY OPINIONS) and I will never repeat a story… you know unless I REALLY want to.  Be forewarned I am very opinionated and in fact often state my opinion as truth but this blog is not a place for facts if it was it’d be in a newspaper not on WordPress.  But I am open to feedback and criticism– constructive or otherwise– so keep coming back because I really hope you like this blog as I’m very excited about it.

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